CampJS and multiplayer snake

Last weekend I went to CampJS in the Gold Coast Hinterland for some JavaScript fun.

Anton Katunin gave a great introduction to D3.js. I’d used D3’s predecessor Protovis on a previous project, but hadn’t had a chance to get into D3, which requires broader knowledge of web standards (mostly SVG) to use effectively. By the end of Anton’s talk (based on Mike Bostock’s D3 tutorial) it was hard to remember what had seemed so tricky about it.

Other talk highlights included discovering the DocPad file-based content management system (which I may use to rebuild this blog sometime) and exploring Node’s stream processing capabilities with Dominic Tarr. There were many interesting topics on the schedule.

Between talks, I got into some Node.js with Michael Pope and built a realtime multiplayer snake game.

Join the game here (or restart the game here). It’ll be online for a while.


The code is on GitHub.